To lower your heart rate

Bajar pulsaciones

Often I receive emails from runners interested in lower heart beats. Everytimes they are beginners, others new users of the pulsimeter who discover, with surprise, that they have more pulsations running that they believed.

Generalizing a little, the pulsations lowering as we are more exercised and we have better fund. In case of the beginners, it is necessary to have patience. With a plan of exercises disciplined and constant they can see soon the results: cardiac frequency, force, speed or resistance. It is suitable initially that the sessions are realized to a pace low, in order that we do not force the heart and to avoid injuries or exceeded the training levels.

In any case, always I recommend you don’t obsess with the pulsations, if your pace is high, but you go comfortably, you don’t worry too much, monitor it, but continue to your pace. The bad thing is to be along time over the maximum level of pulsations admitted for your age. Also you watch your recovery level, when you finish the exercise wait three minutes, then you must have lowered 30% of your cardiac maximum frequency. More information about cardiac maximum frequency in this web. Finally, the best and more habitual advice: the doctor is the specialist of the health.

The volume of oxygen that we can transport per minute is an important factor in the pace of the heart , its calls VO2 maximum and it is a parameter very important in the trainings. Logically if a runner can transport more oxygen per minute that another one his VO2 maximum is greater, also his pulsations are more falls, because the heart is less forced.


Below the exercises are extracted of the magazine Runner's World, destined to improve VO2 maximum, so you will not be absent the air when you run and your heart will go better.

Run the maximum distance that you can during 5 minutes. You measure the crossed distance, rest during 5 minutes and returns to run the same tour, but now 20% more slow (that would be, approximately, in 6 minutes). You rests 30 seconds and return to begin.

Now you run very quickly during 4 minutes, rests 4 minutes, remember the distance and return to run it, but 15% more slow (that would be to 4:36). You rests 45 seconds and return to begin.

Run during 3 minutes to your maximum power, rest 3 minutes and returns to cross the same distance 10% more slow (in 3:18). You rest 60 seconds and return to begin.

To top during 5 minutes. Your rest other 5 minutes and return to run the same distance, but 5% more slow (in 5:15). Rest 2 minutes and a half and return to begin.

And, finally, run very quickly during 3 minutes, rest other 3 minutes and when you are recovered return to run the same distance 5% more slow (in 3:10).

You can make these exercises all the times that you want and combine them to your taste. The improvement is perceived quickly.

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